Thursday, November 15, 2012

That perfect man

Did that girl ever tell her side of story. about this guy that appeared in his life, since she in primary school, this guy that longing for her love so long, that she never insist to have part on her side. never give chance, so arrogance with her pride, with everything that she might lose, feeling so firm standing alone like there's no wave pushing aside. This guy have a really good hearted, even her mama wanna be his bride, but this girl have so much pride, acting like a princess who's own his heart.
Then one day, the guy had gone, waiting to long and may be frown.
Then the side of the story becoming dark as the story teller now was sleepy like a baby.

"Who is he?" Sally asked me. "Who?" I asked her back.
"The man that own your heart"

He is tall, older and darker. Nature his heart, travelling was not so hard, so we don't might apart. Poem was his passion, so don't care about his fashion, even though i have no beauty so only my heart he cares for free.He is sometimes very mystery even his mama barely knew his diary. And when i have my sentence undone, he continues to finish the line. with rhythm that run so pretty. and just complete for i and he. there's many things that we might differ but that's makes us complete each other. Always have his own decision, so manly and full of passion. His knowledge was more than a sea as reading books was his hobby.

I finish my words with a broad smile. "seems like a perfect man" Said Sally. I nodded.
"where is he?" she asked again. forcing me answering it.
"His just somewhere here," I answered coldly. I sigh then continues "In my imagination Sal, come on... do you expect that real perfect man was exist, and if he do really exist somewhere in this planet, he was surely not cares my heart for free though, nothing free nowadays,"
Sally looks was so blunt, she roll her eyes and gave me a cynical look "are you fooling me around?" she ask again. "yyeah. a bit. well i do love my imaginary boyfriend now, just give him a name and i'm done"

day dreaming perkara biasa okayy

daydreaming was pretty fun actually. grammatical error was nothing as my english level similar to my 8years old brother.who cares eh?

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